How To Print and Assemble for PDF Patterns

How To Print and Assemble for PDF Patterns

New to PDF patterns?

We've created an quick and easy tutorial to show you how to print your PDF pattern and cut and assemble it together. 

How to Download Your PDF Pattern (Selectable Sizes)

How to Assemble Your PDF Pattern

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  • Hi. I am attempting to print the Alise pattern. I clicked on the 3 sheets of paper but no sizes come up. What do I do? Thanks for your help.

    lola jackson on
  • Disregard….operator error!

    Francene on
  • I am trying to assemble the Nikki Pattern. However, I am stumped—-my first row appears to be pages 1 – 8. However, page 9 does not seem to sequence with the second row (which I thought would be 9-16). What a I missing here?

    Francene on
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    WRTbCcsgFxpi on
  • dEjkSeIhNfHBWFqo

    WJXreIsqGhYflgyA on

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