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Sew Conscious: DIY Project in a Box

Hey there! Today, I'm sharing with you a new company called Sew Conscious that I've partnered with for this post. This company has an amazing concept for the DIY fashionistas like us. First, I will tell you that I am a subscription box junkie. I have had three hair product box subscriptions, and a couple of clothing rental subscription boxes and I just love the deals we get as customers. And Sew Conscious is confirming my love for subscriptions. Sew Conscious is a subscription box that is more than a project-in-a-box. How many times has inspiration hit you to sew, but you look up and don't have the right color thread, or you don't have enough of the fabric you want to use,...

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Fit: Make the Perfect Fitting Adjustments

The final fit of the clothes you make can literally make or break your project. Can you imagine spending hours sewing using flawless techniques to create a quality that would last years only to find that when you put the clothes on, they do not fit. I remember this feeling as clear as day. Not to long ago, I even shared my bag of trashed scraps and projects gone wrong because of poor fit and construction. I get it. The thing with fit is that it is individual to your body (or your clients). But, the great news is that there are practices that you can use over and over again in each item you make that can help you...

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How to Start A Sewing Business

I know a lot of sewers who have taken their passion and hobby and started a sewing business. But, there are still quite a few who want to take the leap and start a sewing business, but may be hesitant for whatever reason. I created this video for those of you who would like some actionable tips on starting a sewing business. These are all things I've learned, mostly from trial and error, that I am more than happy to share! Actually, this video is not necessarily for just sewers, many of these tips can apply to hobbyists turned businesses across many industries! Thanks for watching the video and comment below with questions. And if you are already in business, please...

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